Design Trends For 2017

UAE, as we all know, is a haven for beautiful homes. The majority of proud homeowners give immense importance to maintain an immaculate living space and always shower their guests with warm hospitality. Furthermore, living in the cultural epicentre of the Middle East where fashion and decorating trends are evolving and changing rapidly, we always look forward to being up to date with the recent interior trends that the world has to offer. No matter if it is an apartment, villa, office space, hotel, or restaurant, we are all seeking for an extraordinary and innovative design to impress and inspire others.

If you are also feeling inspired by Dubai’s many exquisite buildings and artistic interiors to give your personal living space a modern makeover, HomesScope will point you in the right direction to find professionals, products and services for all your interior needs. is an exclusive website that has gathered over 100 interior, architect and landscape designing companies, furniture manufacturers and artists from across the region to provide you with their best tips and recommendations.

However, when starting your decoration journey, no matter your budget and interior style you pick, one thing that always helps is a little expert advice. One of such an expert that HomesScope is proud to have on their site is Mr. Tarek Ardakani, an architect among the most experienced industry professionals in the UAE who is currently working as a director at Loci, an eminent Dubai-based architecture and design company.  We asked him to share his thoughts on 2017’s top architecture and interior design trends.

 “Architecture and Interiors are an integral part of our daily life, so they usually follow and sometimes dictate the styles and popular colours for the season. Saying that, I can see a general move towards teal colours with a return to natural earthy tones in any colour clients choose. Mixed with natural wood finishes (without staining it with darker tones) as all designers are more interested in the natural ways of using materials. Minimalism is the route most designers are using to bring up the actual focal areas in the space designed, once they give it a strong earthy colour”

In general, when it comes to paints, it is typical hearing designers talking about the extended trend of outfitting entire homes in fifty shades of grey and how they were tired doing so. Luckily, those boring greys are on their way out now. Pure white with pops of colour is highly recommended for a couple of seasons to come, along with rich colours for walls. Dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior colour of the season. Choose an emerald green sofa or a statement carpet in the same shade, or you can go for an eclectic look with green ombre wallpaper. Moreover, pink, coral and jewel tones inspired by metals are also highly recommended for the following season 2017.

Another suggested movement is – Adding a vintage touch. While contemporary elegant interior styles are often seen today, the natural retro look is not going away either. Combining old and new has been a key trend in modern home design for a decade. It shows no sign of slowing down in the following seasons  either. However, one major difference is the popularity of implementing raw materials, mostly solid wood to create the classic look.

Functional Beauty

The most challenging assignment for all interior designers is creating so-called functional beauty. This will be the crucial guidance if you ask Ms. Maira Firzok, the founder and managing director of DeeDecors, a premier designing firm based in UAE. Maira’s team has successfully developed a number of prestigious projects, including designing for Michelle Harrison who has guided the establishment of Costa Coffee in the UAE as well as for the Royal Al Qasimi family of Sharjah and much more.

“We at DeeDecors feel that essence behind interior design is the fusion of utility and aesthetics. It is arriving at the perfect balance between the usefulness and beauty in the arrangement of a space.”

Times are changing.  Life is busy where in most cases both partners are working full time, juggling house chores and kids. Naturally, we all want our home to be elegant and stunning but we also want it to be livable, especially with our kids and pets around. Ms. Maira agrees with the common demand for creating houses great to look and easy to manage, but she also stated that good designer must be capable of accomplishing these two requirements even within a limited budget.

When it comes to local tendencies, there are two major directions of interior design in the UAE. There is the culture of thought that bases design on local tradition influences and there is the modern school of design that follows the latest trends, techniques, and designs accordingly. In the previous year, these were married together creating a cultural fusion of modern and contemporary, even bringing together different cultural styles. The local natural, yet luxury style has won. It is highly modern and futuristic trend but also involving natural and traditional unique look.

Our interlocutor, Mr. Ardakani also thinks that the local and global trends are very close to each other. In his opinion, designers have the responsibility towards humanity to create spaces that educate local community, regardless of its location on the globe.

“No matter where you live or work, as a designer, you should contribute and challenge the trends that are more common and try to make them better. Technology has made all countries very close to each other, and we can feel its effects especially in Dubai, as many designers from different parts of the world work here. This fusion of expertise can eventually create a new style that will generate more green, stylish and locality designs.”


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