Glove Etiquette

Tips for wearing gloves:

  1. You should not remove gloves before shaking hands and do not apologize for not doing so
  1. You can wear them on both occasions when you’re the host and when you’re the guest
  1. Your watch and rings are worn under your gloves; bracelets can go over, although it’s not recommended by fashion experts
  1. Remove your gloves when you sit for dinner, precisely before eating anything, even if it is no more than a cocktail canapé; they do not have to be removed while drinking or smoking
  1. Remove it also when going to the restroom, when applying makeup, dancing with someone, or playing cards; any removing of the gloves in public should be done discreetly

A final tip is – get yourself a pair! Play a bit around the style, the colour and material. As not seeing often, especially not here in Dubai, any kind of gloves really has the power to transform your outfit from an ordinary to a very cool one. See below and feel free to try 🙂












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