Glam Up!

Happy New Year everyone! And happy new Dubai Shopping Festival 2016! Kicking off every January, the DSF is a retail celebration that is a shoppers’ paradise and renowned the world-over for its amazing deals and promotions. I don’t know about my townspeople, but I’ve got my credit cards ready for abuse. This time I’ll be focusing on office-friendly pieces which I consider the most investment-worthy.

But whether or not you live in Dubai, the beginning of the year itself always marks a drive to remix and clean out our wardrobes. We suggest you to spice up your work-wear and the work place with a bit of glam. As for me, GLAMOUR should never take a day of!

business casual

black and white

cotton dress

work outfit

office style

red heels

striped dress

dragana radosavljevic PR


3 thoughts on “Glam Up!

  1. So nice and elegant.. I would like to ask you about the collaboration post please… I’m in Dubai too

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