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To be honest, radosavljevics.com supposed to be a glossy lifestyle blog at first. I tried to create something like that, but then I remembered I am a professional journalist, a business owner, a half-time social media person as per that business’ requirement and a full-time mother of two and a wife of a one… not the simple one! So, Instead, I created the story of a sweet yet chaotic, fun packed family life, happens to be rolling in the luxury of Dubai.

Dragana Radosavljevic

Looking at all these young Bloggers & Instagrammers I’m like – Man, they have so much time! But truth be told, I wouldn’t trade my super crazy family days for anything. So here we are. Right in front of this simple and honest life story of four ordinary people: a mother, a father, a sister and a brother that all together make something very cool and extraordinary indeed, the family.

Did you know your family is essential to your well-being? Giving and receiving love and empathy and spending quality time together improves the likelihood the family members will stay healthy. However, it doesn’t take too much insight to, unfortunately, realise that families today look much different from the way they did just a decade ago. The idyllic picture of mum, dad, and two children living happily in the beautiful home is just not as likely nowadays.

Well, I believe our family blog offers hope for today’s family. Established in 2014, created by four of us, radosavljevics.com  is a lifestyle blog that serves as a platform for inspiring and encouraging family members to keep their promises and fulfil their commitments to one another.  We are Serbians (all born in Belgrade) that have settled in Dubai in 2011. Due, we are also trying to discover Dubai’s many hidden secrets to provide the both, fellow citizens as well as numerous of tourists with invaluable information, personal reviews and advice on a variety of local topics including places to see, things to do and the best ways to experience everything this emirate has to offer.

Dragana Vojislav

Dragana radosavljevic

Dragana Vojislav Radosavljevic

Besides, as being run by a professional public relations lady, the blog also serves as an outlet for sharing our family’s in-depth product reviews, brand information and the latest press releases about the goods that make our days easier and blissful, covering areas such as Fashion and Beauty, Dubai Business World, Luxury Experience, Latest Local Real Estate Projects, Food Reviews, Delicious Gluten-Free Products and Recipes and much, much more.

Through all of the posts and a crazy number of pictures, we hope to cover parenting topics, philanthropy, healthy living, happy marriage guidelines, our own marriage authentic ups and downs, lessons learned, our fashion and modelling talents, creative DIY projects, travel diaries. Shortly – how the two grownups are daily striving to train their two little ones in the ways they should go, while working hard to earn their daily expats’ bread, the gluten free one, which is a way more expensive;  and working even harder on their own relationship, trying to manage to save the marriage since the day one, 28th May 2006.

Writing for a living is my ‘cup of energy drink’ and the media industry is my comfort zone. Fashion too. As the appearance itself is a big part of my job, I find this as a perfect excuse for practising extreme shopping. On a daily basis. So, maybe I give you a little inspiration posting the best of my business attire, street style, glam look and so on. Though I was hoping my business acumen and the experiences and sweetnesses of being a mum will actually be the reasons to inspire you… To go resolutely after what you want… And make it happen.

       Thanks so much for stopping by!

                                                                           Dragana, Voja, Jana & Konstantin


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