Do Shoes and Belt really need to match?

You can’t make mistake wearing matching shoes and belt. And you already know a basic old rule that a black belt should be worn with black shoes as with brown shoes it’s better to match brown tones. This is an easy way, no brain required. And sometimes this is a must. When you’re wearing dress shoes as a part of a business attire or ‘black tie’ dress code the belt should definitely match, not only in color, but the specific shade, leather finish & texture. Dress shoes always require a dress belt (buckle shiner, less thick). So in such an occasion stay conservative, keep the shades identical and never, ever, ever, ever pair across color lines.

On the other hand, wearing a casual outfit allows you more flexibility. If the shoes are casual, the belt that you chose should coordinate rather than match. Feel free to be creative and mix it up, but with caution, please!

man outfit

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shoes and belt match

Shoes: ALDO


The best matching dress shoes and belts HERE


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