How to conceive a boy or a girl?

With the recent scientific development and the researches it is very much possible to choose the gender of your baby naturally, and I have seen many couples doing so successfully now-a-days. As per the scientific findings it is established: Sperms carrying Y Chromosomes – Male sperms are smaller and lighter, therefore faster and more agile than the sperms carrying X chromosomes. They do not have thick protection and hence die quicker than the ones carrying X chromosomes. Sperms carrying X Chromosomes – Female sperms are bigger, slower and they have a thicker protective membrane so they can survive longer than the sperms carrying Y chromosomes. So…

If you want a baby GIRL

  1. Have the intercourse two days before the ovulation.
  2. Keep penetration shallow.
  3. Man to reach orgasm first.
  4. Do not have unprotected sex for the next 10 days.
  5. She has to drink plenty of milk and eat dairy products (yogurt, cheese, ice-cream…)

If you want a baby BOY..

  1. Make sure you have the intercourse exactly on the day of ovulation.
  2. Do not have sex for a week before that day.
  3. Woman to reach orgasm before the partner.
  4. Choose the position which allows deeper penetration (doggy style suggested)
  5. She is on alkaline rich diet – to consume more red meat, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts…and avoid milk and diary products (yogurt, cheese, ice-cream…)
girl or boy

In order to CONCEIVE A BOY you need to have the intercourse exactly on the day of ovulation, as close as possible to the moment when the egg has been released from the ovary. Maximum 24 hours before that moment and 12 hours afterwards would also give the male sperms a head start. You just need to make sure the timing is right and leave the rest to the nature and logic – out of millions sperm seeds, must be that the fastest one will reach the egg first. And it will be the one starting a life of your desirable baby boy to be.

  1. So, at the beginning you need to Define the ovulation date and be absolutely sure about the same. Since basal body temperature increases at the time of ovulation you need to keep the check on it at least 2 months prior to conception. Measure the temperature every day morning before getting up from bed and keep the record. It’s better to use a basal thermometer, which is more exact to a regular one. The day ovulation occurs you should notice a sudden jump in temperature from the normal base line. This confirms the ovulation. Still, to be 100 % certain, you should also use some of medicinal kits. Now-a-days various ovulation predictor sets are available widely in the market at grocery and drug stores.
  2. Second to be checked is High sperm count. This is a must because male sperms are not as strong as female ones, and so the higher the count is, the more chance there is of a male sperm reaching the egg first. To keep the sperm count high couples suppose to abstain for a week before conception and then only make it once on the predetermined day.
  3. Choose the Intercourse position carefully. The idea is to deposit the sperm as close as possible to the entry of cervix, so that the Y sperms have to cover a less distance. I guess you have an idea of what I am talking about.
  4. Have an orgasm ladies! This pleasure is also highly recommended to make a head start to the Y sperms (it’s highly recommended anyway 🙂 ). It was recently found that the male sperms prefer to have alkaline environments and during the orgasm female body releases an alkaline fluid, which is much more male-sperm friendly than the natural acidity that all women have.
  5. In order to increase the alkalinity, medical experts advice mothers to be to Have an alkali rich diet. This is to maintain a high pH level in your body which helps the Y sperms to stay alive much longer and swim faster. Eat foods like banana, sweet corn, sausages, red meat, fresh fruits low in sugar, soy beans… and avoid foods containing too much magnesium and calcium like milk and dairy products, dark chocolate, sweets, raw spinach… Furthermore, breakfast is highly recommended so no skipping the same.

At the end, please note, the conceiving method I am sharing here is natural and completely safe with no health risks involved. Every single fact mentioned above is accurate and scientifically proven, but still you need to know the result may not be 100%. If the procedure is properly applied the chances and success rate comes about 85-90 percent.

I’m wishing you the best of luck!



15 thoughts on “How to conceive a boy or a girl?

  1. If this was accurate I would have all girls & I have all boys haha. Maybe this has worked for some people but it is not 100% guarantee… Just have fun & focus on having a healthy baby! 🙂

    Adoption is the pretty much the only way to choose the gender of your child.

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